workshop equipment design
Design, functional and efficient solutions
Dimar is a specialist in plant design (fluid distribution, exhaust gas extraction, compressed air distribution) and the supply of workshop furniture for the proper functioning of dealerships, tire shops, electricians and mechanics of both cars and motorcycles.

Our mission is to provide design solutions that are functional and efficient, and products with a high standard of quality. We are the trusted partner for those who wish to update their workshop furniture by relying on a single supplier who follows all aspects, from the design of the environments to the selection and placement of products within the workshop.



Minimal and elegant design characterizes every room with personality.



Innovative solutions designed and manufactured in different stages


made in italy

Technology and materials completely produced in Italy



Structures for modern workshops to work with the highest standards



The new evolution of spaces that comes from professionalism and experience


flexible and efficient solutions
Dimar is customized design
of workshop layout. We create the space that best fits your needs, not the other way around.

A single point of contact: We control all the restyling phases of your workshop: this allows you to optimize space, minimize construction costs for the collation of products in the right location that best suits your needs

Flexible and punctual service: our staff is at your side to identify the best solution directly "in the field"

Reliable delivery time: a single contact person who coordinates all activities and ensures that agreed timelines are met

Customized design: we create the space that best fits your needs, not the other way around.

How many times, after the project was completed, did you realize that the lifting bridges were not glued in the right position or that you had to do expensive construction work to install them properly?
Forget these hassles, request a quote now!



an expert at your service

3D workshop design and rendering
Dimar is specialized in 3D workshop design and rendering so that any critical issues can be identified immediately and overcome

A well-designed workshop has countless advantages both during construction and during daily work.
Among the services offered is 3D design and rendering of the workshop, this allows you to see and "navigate" within the working environment, so you can immediately identify and overcome any critical issues.

Preventive workshop design allows Dimar customers to: 

Avoid unforeseen costs during the construction phase: proper design allows all structural aspects of the plant to be defined in advance, optimizing, for example, fluid distrubution lines, positioning of lift bridges.

Personalize the work environment: customize and better adapt work spaces resulting in increased production efficiency

Strengthen brand awareness: reinforce corporate image with state-of-the-art aesthetic solutions

Create functional spaces: furnish work environments with functional and qualitatively superior products


Specialist in installations

Dimar is the specialist in the installation of oil and fluid distribution systems for auto, motorcycle and truck workshops

We understand that efficiency is the key to success for your workshop: our staff of specialized installers can minimize your workshop's downtime by integrating to the best of our ability all the services necessary for the proper functioning of your work environment, from fluid distribution systems, to gas extraction systems, to compressed air lines

Dimar works directly with you and the building designer to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

Leave the problems to the experts and just enjoy the solutions: we take care of the installation of fluid distribution systems, gas suction systems, and compressed air line.


zero hassle
design + supply + installation

Workshop design solutions:
With turnkey service, Dimar takes care of all the paperwork to build your new workshop.

Designing an efficient workshop is the result of design experience, market knowledge, and attention to detail and design solutions.
With our turnkey service, we take care of all the paperwork to make your new workshop a reality.
We work alongside your designer and guide him or her to get to the opening of your new workshop quickly and within budget.
Once we have studied "at the table" the best layout, we position the workshop furniture and products and install them for you with our staff of qualified fitters.

All that's left is for you to enjoy the benefits of efficient and timely service.
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we are at your side
uncompromising efficiency and punctuality

Dimar not only STUDYES THE LAYOUT OF YOUR WORKSHOP, provides you with the furniture with the best products, but also assists you directly in the field, minimizing waiting time.

zero problems: Dimar is chosen not only because it allows you to respond to the needs of those who must make and place the furniture of a workshop for cars or motorcycles, but also because it is able to anticipate all the problems that may arise at the design stage.

direct assistance: Dimar not only supplies you furnish your workshop with the best products, but also assists you directly in the field, minimizing waiting time.

top quality: A single point of contact from the design of the work environment to the supply of the equipment and its assembly: efficiency, quality and expertise at the service of the customer.


Workshop Equipment
Gases and fluids

trouble-free gas and fluids

Centralized systems design for engine oil and vehicle fluids distribution (truck grease, antifreeze, water)

Dimar designs, supplies and installs centralized systems for the distribution of fluids, (oil, water, adblue) for auto workshops, motorcycles, dealerships, tire shops.

The centralized engine oil and fluid (water, grease, antifreeze) distribution system allows proper stock management and speeds up engine oil filling/recovery operations, as well as containing and optimizing labor costs. Dimar provides all the necessary equipment for the proper management of workshop fluids, with centralized IT solutions and dispensers equipped with flow meters.

Workshop equipment supplied also includes reelers, lifting bridges, oil recuero systems, tanks and dispensing pumps, both electric and pneumatic.

Dimar installs and supplies exhaust gas extraction and air distribution systems

II exhaust gas extraction systems inside workshops, serves to expel motor vehicle exhaust gases to the outside and prevents them from becoming a danger to people present inside the workshop.

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The self-supporting structure of DIMAR furniture modules allows maximum versatility of placement: on the floor, wall or in the center of the room
The workbenches, drawer units and various solutions offered by Dimar are hot-painted with epoxy powders that ensure their high resistance to scratches and stains. The great strength of Dimar's service is the complete customization of the workshop by optimizing work spaces with modular solutions.

Workshop workbenches and drawer units equipment for the modern workshop.

Dimar manufactures workbenches, carts, drawer units and workshop shelving.

Among the services offered by Dimar is the production of workbenches, carts, drawer units and workshop shelving. Dimar's products are sturdy and durable, constructed of high-quality materials so as to provide stability and safety essential in modern machine shops.

The modularity of our furniture gives rise to endless solutions

Workshop workbenches can be customized in colors, sizes, accessories and worktop components.

Dimar offers workbenches that can be fully customized in the work surface, (rubber, wood, steel, etc.) and completed with clamps or hanging panels.
Carts and drawer units can be freely composed in number of drawers or cabinets.


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